Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thanks be to God justice is done!

No rational person could see the evidence in the Zimmerman case and conclude anything other than that Trayvon's act of violence resulted in his tragic death.

Physical evidence and the best eyewitness put Trayvon on top

Trayvon was only bruised on his fists while Zimmerman was bruised all over his body and the back of his head.

Trayvon had 4 minutes to walk to his house if he were afraid of Zimmerman but the fight occurred by Zimmerman's car which means Trayvon approached Zimmerman.

This was a race based sham trial forced by race baiting Black "leaders", the same ones that brought us Tawana Brawley and the Duke "rape" case.

While Zimmerman has finally been cleared it's time that bigoted haters like Al Sharpton be forced to pay, via the legal system, for their continual lying.  It's wrong that people like Sharpton can get a police chief thrown out and a special prosecutor appointed to harass an innocent man.

People like Sharpton exploit tragedies like Trayvons for personal gain without any concern for the real victims, such as George Zimmerman.

And now those bigots are calling on the Federal government to prosecute Zimmerman for violating the "civil rights" of Trayvon--didn't know that beating the crud out of strangers was a civil right for Blacks.

Ignoring that Whites can never use civil rights violations even when assaulted by gangs of Blacks shouting racial epithets the evidence in this case is so clear that the only possible motivation is racial hatred of Zimmerman, a Hispanic, or a desire to get publicity and make money by persecuting an innocent man.

We need to reestablish single justice system in America and end this persecution of innocent people.

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