Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The real child molestation scandal.

Because the media hate the Catholic Church when a tiny fraction of Catholic priests did horrible things the media started on a decade plus long tirade against the Church.  Instead of covering the full extent of sexual abuse of children in America the liberal media concentrated all their attention on only a tiny portion of the problem.

While the media should have reported on the problems in the Church their attacks have, in general, only been against the Church and not against the much larger problem in public schools; student abuse in public schools could be greater than 100 times that in the Church. Similarly the rate of child sexual abuse in the general population is 2.5 to 5 times higher than for Catholic priests.

Once again a single case of sexually abusing a teen—few of the victims were prepubescent children-- by a Catholic priest is too many but the media, and liberals, fixation on Catholic priests is due to bias not a real concern about child abuse. 

If the media and liberals really cared about abused children they would have been closely covering the much greater problems in public schools, where offending teachers are still routinely shuffled from school to school, with at least as much vigor as they covered the problems in the Church.

The recent decision by the Obama administration to allow girls as young as 11 to get the “morning after” pill over the counter without any sort of parental notification is a sign that liberals really don’t mind the sexual abuse of children. Any girl that young who gets pregnant has been raped. To allow them to use the morning after pill without notifying either the police or the children’s parents allows the rapists to cover their tracks.

We know that liberals historically have apparently had no problem with helping child rapists get away with their crimes.  Planned Parenthood was caught on tape helping underage girls get abortions without reporting the statutory rapes to the police.  Yet even in the face of such video evidence the media has said nothing.

When the North American Man Boy Love Association(NAMBLA) used to march in the yearly San Francisco Gay Pride parades nothing was said by the media.  Does this mean that gays are all child molesters?  Of course not but if liberals were really interested in ending child abuse they’d be highlighting the problem in the gay community and working to make people aware of the issue. Instead there is silence.

By helping child molesters get away with their crimes, by making it easy for young girls who think they are in “love” to cover up their sexual activity without their parents’ knowledge, the Obama administration is the source of todays real molestation scandal. While the rate of complaints against priests has plummeted the Obama administration is helping molesters continue to exploit children.  Similarly by not calling Planned Parenthood out on its covering up of statutory rapes the liberal establishment is effectively siding with child molesters.

The Catholic Church has taken huge steps to reduce the misuse of children by priests as it should have. The media coverage helped make that happen which shows that shining a light on this horrible problem can have a real and very positive impact. But now that the rate of abuse reports against priests is approaching zero the real problem in our society is in the public schools and among the general population. 

If the media and liberals really oppose child molestation they should use the same aggressive tactics they used to help the Church end its crisis to help end the much larger problem of sexual abuse in the public schools and the general population.

The new child molestation scandal is that the media and liberals in general seem to have no problem helping molesters get away with their rapes or in not shining a light on the significant problem of sexual abuse of children in America outside of the Catholic Church.

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