Thursday, June 13, 2013

Confessions of a right wing Mac user

The computers not the hamburgers!

I know Apple supports nutty things but most computer companies do; the Gates are using their money to reduce the number of brown babies in the world because liberals know all the worlds problems are due to too many brown babies.

Even though I have programmed computers, written books on computing, and I've even led teams of programmers I like a simple easy to use computer for what I do at home.

I use Photoshop, though that will have to change since Adobe is going to stop selling Photoshop and dramatically increase the price to rent it,  not GIMP.  I program in Java not C++.  I use other peoples apps whenever possible.

Bottom line is that when working on day to day stuff I want a computing experience that works not one that requires me to understand the arcania of the OS--though the fact I can use a shellscript when I need to is not a negative.

Feel free to hate me if you must but I just ordered a new iMac so I'm committed to Apple even though it is a left wing company.

I must admit it was hard not to invoke the Rush Limbaugh defense;  "I'm just one of his mind numbed robot followers and he uses Macs so I do too!" but given that his audience is the least mind numbed on the planet and I try to be honest there was just no other choice. Sigh....

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