Thursday, June 20, 2013

Liberals hate education

People have always wondered why liberals are so comfortable with the total failure of public education in America. Sure we all understand why liberals want the schools to spend time teaching children that promiscuous sex is good and smoking is bad but why aren't liberals upset about the children not learning enough to function in society?

The answer is now clear.  Liberals are trying, through the latest immigration bill, to make 30-60 million poorly educated people with marginal English skills new citizens while Ph.D.s from other countries are waiting in line for years to enter America.  Why are the liberals doing that?

The simple answer is that a dictatorship, especially one cloaked in the mantle of free elections,  needs a poorly informed populace who are incapable of seeing through propaganda. In order to get power liberals need a lot of low information,ie ignorant, voters who actually believe they can get a free lunch if they vote for liberals.

Democracies depend on a well informed populace with strong moral values.  Liberals hate democracy; why else would Obama constantly bemoan having to deal with Congress--even when the Democrats controlled both houses--and expressing envy for the dictator who runs China? Therefore it makes sense that liberals would rejoice in the dumbing down of the American voter and rejoice the more Americans moved away from religion; that's why liberals are for freedom of worship not the right to exercise one's faith.

Dictators need sheep; ignorant easily scared animals who will blindly follow a "shepard" they think will keep them safe. While liberals are not about to officially establish a dictatorship, any more than Putin is in Russia, they are dead set on making themselves the only political force in America.

To liberals the utter failure of the inner city schools is not a bad thing. Rather it's a good thing because it ensures that most Blacks won't have the training or knowledge to see through liberal lies and vote for conservatives. That's why liberals are so adamantly opposed to school choice.  If poor Blacks could get a good education they'd see that liberals are not interested in helping Blacks but rather in exploiting poor Blacks.

Similarly liberals love immigrants who don't assimilate and learn English and who have no useful skills because those people can be scared and bribed far more easily than well educated and skilled immigrants.  And the fact that those low skill immigrants will drive down the costs of liberal servants is not considered, by liberals, a bad thing.  Which leads to another reason why liberals need to keep Blacks poorly educated; it's the poorly educated Blacks who will lose what few jobs they have to the new immigrants who will be willing to work for even less than Black Americans.

Modern liberalism is the Middle Ages redux.  Liberals believe themselves "divinely" endowed by their own brilliance with the right to rule the ignorant masses even if they have to sabotage the education system to make sure the masses are in fact ignorant. But unlike those monarchs of old who were also taught that their obligation was to serve the people not exploit them liberals feel no need to serve the masses.

Sadly if the liberals succeed everyone, including liberals, will suffer because what makes America great is the fact that Americans are not sheep. Without the majority of Americans running their own lives the prosperity and progress associated with America will simply disappear.  It's not by accident that every state that looks like the liberal vision of America's future has been a stagnant and failing place that competent people wanted to escape.

All we can do to prevent liberals from destroying America is to connect the dots for our low information friends.  Liberals oppose school choice for Blacks...Liberals support making tens of millions of new citizens who have minimal skills and who will therefore compete with poor Blacks and not the children of rich liberals...Liberals voting base is bought with the tax dollars...Liberals can't survive with well informed voters...why would liberals want to hide the truth from the average low information voter if what liberals are proposing is good for those voters?

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