Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The liberal thirst for power

Is there any crime that a Democrat can commit that liberals will not rationalize away?

Bill Clinton committed perjury in order to avoid being found guilty of sexually harassing a subordinate when he was governor of Arkansas.   Liberals shrugged it off.  Can you imagine what they'd have done if Bush was found guilty of perjury in order to protect himself from charges of say not paying his taxes?

Bill Clinton cheated on his wife multiple times and liberals said it was irrelevant. When Herman Cain was accused of having 1 affair the liberals condemned him. Maybe it was because Herman Cain is Black.

Ted Kennedy's willful inaction and probable drunk driving lead to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.  Yet liberals consider him a sainted leader.  We know how liberals would react if Bush drank because they attacked him for having been an over drinker even though he'd stopped years before he ran for office.

Barrack Obama used the IRS to attack his political foes. Liberals are saying that it was ok because those evil conservative groups shouldn't be tax exempt in the first place. Of course we all know what liberals said when Nixon tried, but failed, to use the IRS against his enemies.

Barrack Obama is behind the most massive campaign of spying against Americans in history.  Yet liberals are only bothered that the media was spied on. When Bush had targeted spying against Americans who were talking to known or suspected terrorists overseas liberals went wild.

Far more Americans have died in Afghanistan under Obama than under Bush yet while liberals constantly attacked Bush they have no problem with Obama on this issue.

The only conclusion is that to liberals anything that supports liberal power is acceptable.

Truly liberals are motivated not by a desire to help others but by an unbridled thirst for power.

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