Sunday, June 9, 2013

Liberal Oppression

We've seen that liberals are ok with using the power of government to oppress those who disagree with the hedonistic tenets of modern liberalism.

If you are a advocacy group the IRS will deny your organization tax exempt status unless your groups views are acceptable to the liberal pantheon.

If you are in the military you will be denied the right to express your religious views unless they agree with liberal theology.

If you are in the military you will be denied the right to express your political views unless they agree with liberal doctrine.

If you are a Black you will be mocked and reviled as not being Black, by rich white people, unless you stay on the liberal plantation and support all of the liberal agenda--including the mass killings of Blacks by abortion.

If you are Hispanic you will be mocked and told you're not really Hispanic, once again by rich white folk, unless you make sure to parrot the teachings of those who think they are better than you-- again with the rich white liberals.

This country was founded on the principle that the government was the servant of the people because rights flowed not from men but from God.  Modern liberals wish to replace God and they demand that all bow to the altar of liberal beliefs or be crushed by the power of government.

While seemingly addicted to the word tolerance modern liberals are in fact far more demanding of conformity than Fundamentalists--who contrary to liberal lies are not interested in establishing a theocracy-- or  Nazi's--who didn't care what you thought only that you obeyed.  Only the Communists, who are of course liberals, ever demanded the lock step obedience to a single philosophy that modern liberals do.

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