Friday, June 21, 2013

In some sense it doesn't matter

While our society may be crashing down and while evil people seem to be always winning it doesn't matter in that when we die and are judged our fate will not be decided based on who was elected for office or what policy the government made but rather by how we live our own life.

We can control what we do and we can look back on what we've done with pride or shame.  No one can force us to sin or do any evil for sin is in the will and only we can control our will.

In any case what suffering we have in this world is miniscule compared to what Jesus, who will judge us, suffered out of love for us.

So then be of good cheer for we are, in the things that matter most, masters of our own fate. Only we can choose to reject God, for He never rejects us, and therefore we can choose to serve Him now and forever.

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