Friday, June 28, 2013

The new union busters

By suddenly providing 11,000,000 new legal workers the Democrats Immigration Bill is the biggest union busting anti-American worker bill to have crossed Congress in generations.

The CBO projects that the bill as passed by the Senate will drive down American wages for at least 12 years; twelve years of less spending money for American workers in an already ravaged Obama economy but higher profits for businesses that don't care about their employees.

Does any sane person think that this massive influx of low skill low wage workers will not impact unions?  Many union jobs don't require genius just dedication and a willingness to work hard.  The new Americans will be ideal for greedy companies who don't want to have to pay a fair wage.  The glut of desperate new Americans, between 30 and 60 million over the next few years, will be an ideal tool for businesses to use to force unions, all but government workers unions, to scale back on their salary and benefit demands.

Even better under the bill passed by the Senate the new Americans won't be eligible for ObamaCare.  Which means that businesses won't have to pay the fines or force these new workers to work less than 30 hours a week in order to avoid the huge economic impact of ObamaCare but only for formerly illegal Americans or for new immigrants.  Now we all know that when those new Americans get sick and can't afford their medical care Democrats will find a way for the hard working Americans to pay the bills.

Is it any wonder that both rich liberals, who want cheap gardeners, and unscrupulous business owners are so enthused about bringing in millions of low skill low wage workers?  The pro-legalize the criminals crowd don't send their kids to public schools nor will their children have to compete with the newly legalized Americans for jobs.

Additionally no one seems too concerned that Blacks will be disproportionately impacted since, due to the failure of the public school system in the inner cities, Blacks tend to have lower skill levels than Whites.

To top it all off the new Americans are extremely liberal, 75% support big government, and will vote in Democrats who view their way to electoral victory as stealing from the workers to give to whomever will vote Democratic.

Just as Obama did nothing to punish Wall Street for the bubble bursting despite all his rhetoric the liberals, of both parties, behind this massive amnesty bill could care less about what happens to Blacks or to the average American worker.  Liberals only care about power and they know if America allows millions of lawbreaking big government supporting people to become citizens then Democrats will have power for generations.

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