Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The hate behind same sex marriage

If the push for same sex marriage were about tolerance and equality a flower shop owner in Washington State wouldn’t be being sued for refusing to sell flowers for a gay “wedding”.

If the push for same sex marriage were about fairness then California wouldn’t be mandating that students be taught that the massively promiscuous gay lifestyle is great.

Most gays don’t even want to get married. In the Netherlands, which has legalized same sex marriage for 12 years, only 20% of gay couples are married while 80% of heterosexual couples are married.  A “steady” gay relationship in the Netherlands lasts roughly 1.5 years on average; hardly a long-term commitment by heterosexual standards.  Gay divorce rates are 2, males, to 4, females, times higher than heterosexual divorce rates.  Additionally while married gay men average 8 other sexual partners per year.

The simple reality is that the gay lifestyle is a massively promiscuous one centered on “transactional” relationships that last less than 6 months not one designed to support long term monogamous relationships.

Given that gays really have no need for marriage why the massive political push? The answer is simple; once same sex marriage is legalized all those who oppose it on moral grounds can be punished and persecuted.

Even as we’re seeing the administration telling Catholics they have to pay for abortion inducing chemicals or sell their companies same sex marriage is already being used to persecute people who hold to a 2000+ year old tradition of Western Civilization.

There is a general consensus in America that gays should not be beaten up or denied jobs based on their lifestyle. But that’s not enough for homosexuals. They’re after revenge. They want to oppress those who dare hold that the promiscuous gay lifestyle is immoral.

If they weren’t the gay community would be condemning the gays who are suing that florist. After all there are plenty of other florists, and the florist being sued even provided recommendations to the gay “couple”, so it’s not like the gay “couple” couldn’t have flowers at their wedding. Further the florist has no problem selling flowers to the gay couple; she’s been doing so for years.  She just felt she couldn’t support as specific event, their “marriage”, she considered to be immoral.   She wasn’t condemnatory; she just said she didn’t feel right supporting something she felt was wrong.

That the liberal and gay communities are not protesting this attack on a Christians right to exercise her faith shows the true reason for the massive push for a “right” that the vast majority of gays will never use because they have no interest in committed relationships. As usual with liberals tolerance is a one-way street; we must tolerate whatever liberals like but liberals have no obligation to tolerate conservatives deeply held beliefs.

Similarly the California law that is designed to teach kids that the gay lifestyle is great is not designed to foster tolerance but rather to push one particular view of society. Children will not be taught that gays are massively promiscuous or that gays die much younger than heterosexuals. Similarly the students will not be taught that monogamous relationships are the only way to be really safe from catching AIDS because that would imply that the gay lifestyle is the reason for catching AIDS, just as smokers lifestyle contributes to their health issues.

The reality is that gays are being used by liberals as one attack on the liberals most hated adversary; people of faith.  Modern liberalism has as a core tenant that sex is a fun and consequenceless activity. That’s why liberals are so strongly supportive of birth control, abortion, and easy divorce and so opposed to chastity.  But people of faith, primarily Christians of every stripe, oppose the hedonism pushed by liberals.

The HHS mandate, the push for same sex marriage, the push to say we have freedom of worship but not the right to exercise our faiths, the radical separation of Church and state, and the media propaganda that portrays promiscuity as great are all liberal techniques to force Christians out of the public square so that liberals don’t have to hear that hedonism is bad.

The simple reality is that gays need marriage like a fish needs a bicycle. Redefining marriage is not about equality or fairness it’s about oppressing those who object to modern liberal hedonism.

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