Thursday, January 24, 2013

Women in combat

Anyone who lives in reality knows that men will be protective of women and that men and women in close proximity will tend to form emotional and romantic bounds.

The risk of forming relationships is high even in standard work where people are together 8 or so hours per day.  In the military men and women will be together for days at a time.

I can imagine a lot of military wives not being too enthused about the new situation; thousands of miles away from their spouses who are in the same foxhole as another woman.  I suspect we'll see a retention impact given that roughly 60% of service members are married. 

Remember the huge lengths the military went through when a female soldier was captured in the Iraq?  The same thing will happen when women in combat get captured to the detriment of the mission.

But if you're Obama and believe that the US military is the problem and that the real role of the military is to serve to drive social change in America the reduction in combat capability of the military is irrelevant. What's shameful is that the generals are going along with this rather than resigning.

As usual with Obama it's not about what's best for America but rather what's best for Obama.

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