Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Liberals lie!

Excuse me for ranting but LIBERALS LIE.  I can't go on Facebook without seeing at least one or two posts by liberals that are out and out lies.  Not statements I disagree with but out and out lies.

In some cases the people repeating these lies are innocent. But after they are told multiple times that items from certain sources are wrong and they keep posting stuff from those sources one has to question their honesty. And of course the people who generate the grossly incorrect material in the first place are unlikely to be completely innocent.

A while back a liberal I know put up a figure showing that the evil Republicans wanted to cut $110B from the CDC budget. It turns out the yearly budget of the CDC is only $13B/year.

Today there was a post declaring that 3000 people died in 9/11 but 2.5 million died in wars justified by 9/11. Given that the only war justified by 9/11 was Afghanistan this is clearly a lie.

While I've seen conservatives post opinions I wouldn't agree with I've never seen the sort of outright lying that is a constant in liberalism.

Outside of Facebook we have the selectively edited interview with George Zimmerman that was purposely distorted to make him sound racist and the recent video that was selectively edited to make it look like gun control opponents heckled the father of one of the children that died at Sandy Hook.  While the media says these are innocent mistakes they never seem to occur in media coverage of liberals.

What is more interesting is that when you point out to liberals they're lying it doesn't phase them at all. They just move on to a new lie.

But then this is to be expected since at the core of liberalism is the belief that truth is whatever furthers their cause.

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