Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pointing out the cost

To win the minds of Americans conservatives must begin a relentless campaign to make sure that everyone knows what they are personally paying due to Obama's policies.

The media and Obama act as though his policies only negatively impact the "rich" but in reality pretty much anyone who isn't on welfare is adversely impacted by one or more Obama policies.

For example under Obamacare workers can only put aside $2500 pre tax to pay for medical expenses compared to the $5000 they could put aside before.  If your marginal tax rate is 10%, ie if you're single and make only $8,700 a year, that means Obamacare cost you $500.  Not to mention the fact that your health insurance premium is going to go up dramatically due to Obamacare.

The new Obamacare tax on medical devices, a huge increase, will dramatically increase the cost of medical care as well as driving many suppliers out of business which will reduce competition and further increase costs.

The Obama war on coal will dramatically increase the cost of energy, by a factor of 5 in some locations, which translates into higher energy bills and higher costs for all products made in areas that depend on coal fired power plants.  Higher costs mean fewer jobs and more unemployment.

These are just a few examples of the ways in which Obama is robbing the middle class which are hidden by the media. 

Conservatives need to begin a grass roots campaign to educate, by word of mouth, the Obama voters on just what they've voted for.


Marco Sanchez said...

This is interesting. I have no affinity towards any party or person but I love data. The more data I gather the better. While it looks bad that a household making $8700 will pay extra $500, the clearer picture will be given by an overall data analysis, calculating the profit and loss to common man on average, calculated by aggregated data over all income ranges and percentage wise distribution. For instance, it the rule makes 51% of the people happier and 49% of the people not so happy it is not the bad rule from a holistic standpoint. I would love to come back to your blog to see what do you find on that.

trinko said...

A rule that makes 51% happy, as opposed to ensuring they don't starve, by taking things from 49% is thievery not just a bad rule.