Monday, January 28, 2013

Why hope shouldn't be going out of style

While it's depressing to see that Obama is trying to turn America into a new France the simple fact is that he's limited in what he can do to the average American citizen.

Sure he can bankrupt us and drastically lower our standard of living when his lavish spending max's out our credit card limits and he can ensure that a huge fraction of black babies are killed before they have a chance to live but he can't make us go against God.

He can put us in the position of having to choose between money and God but that's a choice that we all face; as have our ancestors.  But picking God over money will in the long run help us.

God loves us and has a place reserved for us in Heaven why should we panic over the problems of daily life? We get depressed of course because we're human and flawed by original sin. Even Jesus was saddened when He saw evil appear to be winning in the world.  But He told us that our true hope is not in the doings of people in this world but in how we live our lives. If we hold to Him even if everyone else seems to be going to the Devil, literally in some cases, we will be saved and what we're living through will seem as nothing.

To us in America things are harder because just a few decades ago we had a much better country where the main problem was the way some mistreated Blacks. But we were on our way to fixing that when the liberal agenda turned America into a country where 1.3 million babies are killed each year.

But compare modern liberal America with say life in the Soviet Union or the Sudan and you should find reason to thank God.

Additionally keep in mind that Obama won by 2% of the vote.  It's not like the Obamanauts vastly outnumber the folk who believe in individual responsibility.  The numbers get even better when you realize that a lot of Obama voters voted for the faux Obama constructed by the media, the guy who cares for the poor and who is fiscally responsible, not the real Obama.

It's true that our country is divided but the good guys are not massively outnumbered.

So keep hoping for what's important, an eternity with Jesus, when the seemingly never ending lies and schemes from the liberal establishment get to be a bit too much to handle.  Do what you can to turn the tide but remember you will be judged by what you do and not by how well you succeed in the world.

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