Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why is Obama President?

No I know he won the election.  The question is what does Obama think his job is?  Historically the job of President has been to do what's best for the American people.

But Obama has made it clear that his second term will be about gay marriage, global warming, and gun control. Given that unemployment, if you throw in those folks who have given up hoping to find a job in the Obama economy and folks forced to settle for part time jobs, is running at over 14% a typical American would probably think that the President should be focusing on jobs, jobs, and more jobs.

Given that Obama's agenda is pushing the far left liberal agenda and not helping the average American get a job it would appear that Obama believes the reason he's President is to radicalize America.  Obama thinks he's President so he can make America into a country he likes; Obama thinks like a king, he's President so he can do what he wants not so he can help the average American.  So look forward to four more years of high unemployment and fiscal disaster because the plight of the average American isn't Obama's priority.

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