Thursday, January 24, 2013

Can you think like a liberal?

I can't.  Four Americans died in Benghazi due to what is at best gross incompetence by the government.

Yet on FB there's a liberal photo that portrays congressmen who were questioning Hillary Clinton as little babies.

At best Secretary Clinton was responsible for abysmally poor judgement on what security was needed on 9/11 in Libya, a country which has not fully recovered from a bloody civil war. At worst she's involved in a deliberate coverup which was designed to conceal a key foreign policy failure by Obama in order to help his reelection chances.

As such how any rational person could portray the folks questioning Hillary as babies is beyond me.

But then if all that matters is political power you will accept anything the people you're backing say no matter what.

I remember when Nixon resigned having a dispute with my Dad.  I said we had to kick out Nixon because while what he had done wasn't as bad as what Kennedy and Johnson had done if we stood up for what was right a future Democrat president caught doing something wrong wouldn't be able to count on his party to support him.

Given the case of Bill Clinton I have to admit my dad was right.  When conservatives base their decisions on principles not power we can't expect liberals, who base their decisions on power not principles, to emulate us.

But in the end when we look back on our lives it'll be better to know that we behaved in an honorable fashion.  Life is a transitory thing and what's most important is serving God by doing the right thing.  Winning is the most important thing in life but we need to remember what it means to win. Mother Theresa was a greater winner than any football player, tycoon, or politician because she dedicated her whole life to serving Jesus through the poor.

One can't lose in any meaningful way by standing up for what is right no matter what the world thinks.

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