Monday, January 28, 2013

Is Obama hunting conservatives?

What President Obama says rarely seems to have a significant intersection with truth. However given his desire to be king and rule without the silly impediments of the Constitution and Congress I could easily seem him going forth riding with the hounds hunting down those peasants who don't agree with him.

That's about the only way I could consider Obama's latest statement that he goes out and shoots guns even remotely credible. The guy has no real street cred being raised in a pampered rich white world his whole life so it's not like he can say he's conversant with guns because he needed to protect his family in the hood.

Similarly even though his life is so important, in his eyes, that it deserved two autobiographies--admittedly at least partly fictional ones with composite people and such--it seems that mentioning his gun enthusiasm was dropped down the same hole as his college grades until today.

Most folks who go out and shoot guns for fun don't hide it away with their bad college grades but then Obama is the new Messiah, at least according to his fans, so we can't really measure him by human standards.

The most likely truth however is that this is another example of how liberals view the truth.

To conservatives the truth is the truth. To liberals the truth is whatever advances their cause today.  Back in the 1960's liberals were all enthused about nuclear power because it created so little pollution now they think nuclear power is the ultimate evil.  The facts haven't changed but liberal objectives have; from cheap power to reducing the number of people and making do with less.

Similarly liberals mocked condoms in the pre-AIDS days of the sexual revolution because condoms fail.  Yet now those same liberals, with the same knowledge of condom failure rates, tell us that condoms will protect you from all STDs.

Obama's latest crusade is to disarm America so that only criminals and government employee's will have guns. He thinks that portraying himself as being pro-gun will help him convince folks whose reality is defined by the main stream media that his objectives are reasonable.

Since the truth is infinitely malleable in the eyes of liberals like Obama he doesn't consider it a lie when he makes up a new "truth" any more than he considered it a lie to create fake composite people in his autobiography.

In this sense liberals are anti-Christians because Christians believe that the end does not justify the means while liberals believe that any means can be used to achieve their objectives.

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