Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why legalize the illegal?

It's clear why liberals want to make citizens of pretty much anyone who can manage to sneak into the US. The simple reason is that a disproportionately large fraction of those illegals will depend on the government and as such will tend to vote Democrat.

Irrespective of how the illegals will vote do we really want to reward those who break the laws?

Somehow I can't imagine liberals wanting to reward conservatives who don't pay their taxes.  Nor do I suspect that liberals would want to reward folks who beat up a gay guy.

The simple fact is that if we grant citizenship to illegals now we'll continue to have a significant problem with illegals in the future because they'll know that we don't really want to control our borders.

We need to fix immigration but rewarding those who break our laws chew up taxpayer money without paying taxes and who generally don't adapt to America but expect America to adapt to them is probably not the best way.

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