Tuesday, August 21, 2018

We're all guilty now

The problem with the fact that the Mueller investigation is unlimited in scope is that there are so many laws that everyone is probably guilty of something.

The complexity of the laws in areas like campaign financing and taxes are so arcane that it's easy for people to make honest mistakes.

This gives politically biased prosecutors like Mueller all they need to attack anyone they don't like.

Effectively everyone breaks some of these complex laws either intentionally or because they, and their lawyers, honestly think that what they're doing is legal.

That in itself wouldn't be a problem if everyone who broke the law was prosecuted.  But if biased prosecutors only indict people whose politics they don't like it effectively means that we no longer have a nation based on laws but a nation based on people, the "right" people are treated better than the "wrong" people.

Think of it this way; pretty much everyone breaks the speed limit while driving.  The vast majority of people only do so in a safe way; going 70 on the freeway when traffic is light and it's not raining.

But suppose instead of only ticketing the drivers who were driving unsafely the police based their policy on who to ticket on the politics of the driver?  Democrats could speed all the time and be untouched but any Republican who was speeding would get a ticket.

That's what we're seeing with the Deep State attack on Trump.  When investigating Hillary she was allowed to vet her own emails while Trump's lawyers office was raided and all his emails were seized and a third party decided which ones were relevant to Mueller.  Hillary's people were offered immunity right and left in turn for saying nothing while Mueller is using every trick in the book to indict Trump associates for process crimes which are usually nothing more than people having bad memories.

The explosion of government laws and regulations means that the biased prosecutors of the Deep State can prosecute everyone.  But since they are biased they only use this power against people on their enemies list not the people they like.

Clearly this perversion of the law has to end if we're to remain a free country.

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