Wednesday, August 22, 2018

New evidence of the left's dishonesty

Cohen has pleaded guilty to something that isn't illegal.

He probably did so to avoid being charged with more serious things he was guilty of.

Paying off Trump's old lovers isn't illegal for several reasons including:

1) Trump paid the money and there is no limit on what a candidate can spend on their own campaign
2) Dual use items, one's that help the campaign but also are useful for other reasons--like a candidate having his teeth whitened--, are not considered campaign contributions and clearly paying off Stormy saved the Trump family a lot of embarrassment.

Why would the Leftist prosecutors offer him that sort of deal? Because their real target all along has been Trump. The Left, including Deep State prosecutors, have one objective in mind, overturning an election which they didn't win.

Make no doubt about it the Left, whose candidate Obama paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for violating campaign financing laws, doesn't care a bit about the law or Russian collusion.

They are a bunch of fascists who think that elections are only valid if they win.

We know that Trump has had a problem with being unfaithful to his spouses something that we were told was no problem when it came to Bill Clinton but more importantly we know that since he's been elected Trump hasn't been unfaithful to the American people.

Hence don't panic over this latest bit of #FakeNews designed to justify the Left's illegal overthrow of our democratic process.

Oh and don't forget that this whole prosecution is the result of the government seizing all the records of an attorney who worked for the President. Can you imagine the uproar if say Obama's personal attorney's office and residences had been raided at the order of a special prosecutor?

But apparently in the new Left's Amerika attorney client privilege is only something that Leftists get.

Think about it; the FBI/DOJ allowed Hillary's lawyers to decide which of the emails on her illegal server were government related but they seized every document Cohen had.

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