Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What gay history will be taught?

In California a new law requires that children in Public schools learn gay history.

I wonder which gay history will be taught?

Will it cover how gays fought tooth and nail to keep the bath houses open when it was known that the massively promiscuous sex that occurred in those establishments was how people contracted  the then inevitably fatal HIV virus?  Probably not since that would show that gays are so addicted to sex they'd rather die than forgo it.  We need to feel sorry for anyone with such a severe addiction but at the same time it's powerful evidence that the gay lifestyle is a pretty self destructive one.

Will it cover how the North American Man Boy Love Association(NAMBLA) marched in the San Francisco Gay Pride parade for years?  Probably not since that would show that many gays are far more comfortable with molesting children than are heterosexuals.  It would also undercut a lot of the faux anger at the Catholic Church since the vast majority of children who priests abused were teenagers, instead of the 3 year old NAMBLA "loves", and were males.  Yeah you read that right; the child abuse crisis in the Church--which ended decades ago by the way--was driven by gays.  Another thing that will probably not be covered in the children's lessons.

Will it cover how wife beating groups are still marching in the San Francisco Gay Pride parade?  True they're called sadomasochist groups not wife beaters but wanting to hurt someone you supposedly love is the same as wife beating for heterosexuals. But once again the truth of being gay has to be carefully managed so as not to shock and offend people so this is also unlikely to be mentioned.

Will it declare lots of historical figures to be gay who never said they were? Probably. Like all fringe groups gays declare historical figures to belong to their group even though the only "proof" is that the guy never got married.  Nor will it be likely that  the course cover how gays will out gays who wanted to stay in the closet if it helps the gay movement.

Will it talk about all the negative characteristics of historical gays the way the students are taught that dead white men like Jefferson and Washington were flawed?  Off course not. The kids won't read about how a spy ring of gay men helped Stalin against the west or about how many serial killers have been gay.  Now it's true that just because some gays have been bad not all gays are bad. But if kids are going to learn about all the warts of everyone else in history they should learn about the warts in historical gays lest the impression be that gays are better than the Founding Fathers.

Will it talk about the true nature of the gay lifestyle, the massive promiscuity or the infatuation with looks?  Probably not because if a child learned that typical gays have sex with hundreds or thousands of people they might think that being gay is different than being straight.

Will it talk about the real percentage of gays in society?  Probably not since if people realized that gays make up 1-2% of the population they'd realize that being gay is not "normal".  Gays are loved by God but their lifestyle is not normal.

Will it talk about how according to science gays are defective?  Now Christians realize that gays are loved by God and valuable because they are His children and hence no more "defective" than the rest of us. But according to science our only "purpose", to the extent we have a purpose, is to send our genes to the future. Well in that respect gays are more "defective" than pretty much any other person. If kids learned that they might start to wonder if it's Christians who say that gays are not defective that perhaps Christian condemnation of the massively promiscuous gay lifestyle is not motivate by hate and those who encourage gays by saying their lifestyle, that leads to all sorts of STDs and AIDS, are not motivated by love.

My guess is that the new course material will be one sided propaganda designed to completely mask the real nature of the gay lifestyle.

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