Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Can Sharia law Muslims be part of a civilized society?

The answer, sadly, is not really.  Sharia law institutionalizes the inequality of men and women and the inferior status of non-Muslims. Sharia law is the epitome of not tolerating differences.

Modern civilization can use the morality of the majority to define law but it can't define different levels of citizenship based on an individuals faith.

Note that this is not saying Islam is not civilized in some sense nor is it saying that all Muslims--many of whom do not support Sharia law even in Muslim countries--aren't civilized. But those Muslims who contend that women are intrinsically inferior to men and that it's mandatory for the government to discriminate against non-Muslims are not civilized.

That's why it's wrong to view the situation in Egypt as a war between democracy and a military coup.  Rather it should be viewed as a war between civilization and Muslim barbarians.

The Muslim Brotherhood won the elections because they have only one objective; power. The rest of Egyptians were not unified because they had different visions of what would be best for Egypt. Given the short time they had to prepare for the elections they couldn't match the long standing Muslim Brotherhoods military like organization and religious fanaticism.

But precisely because the Muslim Brotherhood opposes Democracy and the rights of all human beings they can have no role in a true Democracy.

Obama's apparent abandonment of the Egyptian people now and his support for the Muslim Brotherhood in the past shows either a complete ignorance of the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood or a support for Islamic fundamentalism.

Only an evil man or a fool would declare that the non-Nazi's, even though they were in a minority in Nazi Germany, had an obligation to accept Nazi rule and only an evil man or a fool could declare that Egyptians who oppose the bigotry of Sharia law must accept it just because they are in the minority.

Some things are right and some are wrong. Sharia law's discrimination against women and non-Muslims is wrong and no person should have to live under it who does not willingly agree with it.

If the Muslim Brotherhood had made their new Constitution a good one and restricted Sharia law to those Muslims who voluntarily chose to be subject to it the situation would be different but no man or woman should be forced to live under Sharia law against their will.

It's time for America to acknowledge that while the Egyptian military is not perfect any rule by them will be far better than letting the terrorist supporting human rights squashing Muslim Brotherhood run Egypt.  Of course the situation is better than that.  If the Egyptian military carries through with their promises Egypt will have a democracy where the Muslim Brotherhood can be as Muslim as they want but they won't be able to force others to practice Islam the way the Muslim Brotherhood says they should.

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