Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Syria conundrum

Right now we have a brutal dictator, who happens to respect the rights of religious minorities, squaring off with a rebellion was started by Muslims who were not religious fanatics but which has, to some level or other, been co-opted by Islamofascists.

The choice is not too appealing.  Siding with the government, as the Russians have, would be supporting a ruthless tyrant who's shown no compunction about murdering Syrians who don't like him. On the other hand the extremist elements of the rebellion are already killing Christians.

The situation is far worse than in Egypt in that the Mubark government was not actually murdering large numbers of Egyptians.

In Syria the choice is between a Muslim Brotherhood like organization and a murdering dictator.  And it's Obama's fault.

A year or more ago the rebels were dominated by Muslims who weren't extremists. By waiting so long to make a decision Obama allowed the corruption of the rebellion by Muslim fanatics which in turn presents the US with two unappealing choices.

The US needs to find some way to get rid of Assad while ensuring that the moderate Muslims take over Syria. Given Obama's support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt it's unclear if the US even realizes that the Muslim extremists in the Syrian rebellion are a problem.

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