Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Democrats working to become rulers not representatives

The single biggest thing that the Republicans did when they took over Congress in 1994, other than saving Bill Clintons reputation as a successful president, was to change things so that laws Congress passed applied to Congress.

Since then Congress has had to live with the consequences of the laws they pass.  Obama is working to change that.  Obamacare is a disaster so Obama is ensuring that the folks in Congress who support it are not going to have to suffer through it.

By making the government special, just like in the old days when the Democrats ran Congress, Obama is reestablishing a Master government where those who govern have special privileges denied to the people they supposedly represent.

This is a first step towards the end of truly representative government in that if the ruling class are treated differently by the law they are no longer representatives but rulers.  And historically rulers have looked after their own interests first and then the interests of the ruled.

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