Saturday, August 17, 2013

Liberals have no care for the Christian

To many liberals Christians are the epitome of evil because Christians believe in sexual morality and that people should bow to God not government.

That's why liberals have no problem trying to remove the First Amendment rights of Christians while constantly condemning any perceived slight towards Muslims.

Do you remember how incensed liberals were about "ethnic cleansing" in Serbia? Are you hearing those same voices now demanding US intervention to protect Christians in Egypt as they demanded we risk American lives to protect Muslims in Serbia?

Christians are what stand between liberals and godhead; for in the liberal mind liberals should be able to dictate every aspect of how everyone lives. If you doubt that ask why liberals think it's fine for a mayor to decide how much soda the citizens who elected him can drink?

You hear liberals condemn smokers and fat people because they cost too much in terms of medical care but when have you heard liberals condemn gays for the medical bills associated with AIDS?

A Christian can explain why those cases are different which is another reason why liberals hate them. You can't be a liberal if there is an absolute truth. Liberalism thrives on gray and ambivalence along with morality that changes with the situation.

Liberals are like vampires they can't stand the sight of the Cross. If you think that extreme ask yourselves why liberals are constantly campaigning to ensure that High School valedictorians can't voluntarily mention God in their speeches?  Have you ever heard of a Christian demanding that a High School speaker can't mention Nietzsche?

These are all reasons why liberals are siding with Mursi in Egypt even though he supports Sharia law.  An enemy of my enemy is my friend and Mursi probably despises Christians as much as liberals do.

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