Monday, May 13, 2013

The Magic Gosnell Moment

Gosnell was convicted of murdering 3 babies.  Yet if he'd done the exact same thing to those babies, cutting their spinal cords, 5 minutes sooner he'd have done nothing illegal.

Liberals contrary to all that science teaches believe that while in a womans womb a baby is a wart, a blob of tissue. But magically when the last part of the blob leaves the mothers womb it suddenly becomes a baby girl.

Even better if the blob is killed without the mothers consent the blob also magically becomes a baby girl.

The reality of course is that there is no magic moment.  The unborn are people from the moment of conception based on science, it's the DNA.  But if liberals want to have sex without consequences or if they, like Margret Sanger, want to kill off minorities they have to support killing people who can't defend themselves.

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