Thursday, May 16, 2013

Liberal journalists as enablers

There's a lot of talk these days about how the liberal media will react to Obama's attacks on them--lying to them about Benghazi, seizing AP phone records, etc.  People are talking about liberals as though they were jilted girlfriends of the President.

But historically there have been two types of liberals; those who lust for power and those who are idealistic fools--labeled useful idiots by the Communists.  Sadly the ones who lust for power tend to go into politics, like Obama, but the ones in the media are more likely to be useful idiots.

Now those useful idiots tend to be very proud and self absorbed so they may react negatively to a personal attack on them by the President.  But they may also be like the enabling girlfriend who makes excuses when her boyfriend beats her.  Just as the abusive boyfriend knows he can get away with it Obama may be counting on the useful idiots need to get approval from the first Black President.  Now Obama didn't plan on this because he probably thinks himself above making mistakes but when confronted with a discordant note from the normally fawning press he can either try and admit mistakes and mend fences--which is not the sort of thing he seems capable of--, double down like an abusive boyfriend and make the press feel guilty for complaining about him, or he can buy the press flowers by doing something they'd like.

I'll wager a guess that Obama will shortly be doing something dramatic for an extreme liberal cause.  He'll do that to convince the useful idiots that while he's trampling on the Constitution he's advancing the "idealistic" agenda that the useful idiots in the media are so enamored of; just like he embraced gay marriage before the election.

Another option though will be to blame some low level fall guy so the useful idiots can realize that their one true love, Obama, was just betrayed by some undeserving flunkies in the Washington bureaucracy.

It'll be interesting to see if any of the major media is awoken from their stupor by the revelation that Obama is like Nixon on steroids.

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