Saturday, May 25, 2013

The downside of incompetence

Liberals seem to have fixated on the incompetence defense as their best hope of getting Obama through the latest perfect storm of scandals.

Being incompetent means never having to say it’s your fault is the new liberal mantra.  Holder, a lawyer, recuses himself without leaving any paper trail and tells us that he had no idea what his subordinate was doing; for all Holder knows the guy may have even voted for Romney.  Obama is doing his best Sargent Schultz imitation, “ I know nothing!” when asked about any of the scandals. 

In the new defend Obama at any cost liberal universe Obama is a man who has no clue as to what is going on in his own administration.  That in itself is an unappreciated condemnation of the man who would be the messiah; if Nixon and Bush could know when a mote of dust fell off the desk of a junior CIA analyst how is it that the liberal savior didn’t know that his Justice Department was seizing AP phone records?

This reasoning may work with the low information voters who reelected Obama because they just knew that he cared for them but it does have some consequences that should be used to help rebuild the America Obama is trying to destroy.

If liberals must destroy Obama to save him it would seem reasonable that we should all pitch in to help. It is after all only the neighborly thing to do.

If Obama is so clueless on his admirations tyrannical actions it is obvious Obama must be unaware of the horrors lurking in Obamacare.  After all Obama’s people knew of the IRS issue back in June 2012, according to the NY Times, yet Obama was never informed.  If Obama couldn’t spare a moment to hear about the IRS channeling Nixon it’s obvious Obama didn’t have the time to read the bill that was so big we had to pass it in order to find out what’s in it; the most public instance of the Cracker Jack® theory of government.

That means that as all of those horrible features of Obamacare come to light the new brighter shiner Obama, refined by the fires of the current scandals, will undoubtedly say that those features are “inexcusable”.

The new reinvented Obama can build his street cred by undoing the horrors implemented by the old oh so last week Obama who knew nothing.  His attempt to oppress the Catholic Church, the HHS mandate, will undoubtedly be tossed into the dustbin of history—kept according to Trilateralist sources in Debbie Wasserman Shcultz’s maid’s quarters.

But if Obama is too old of a dog to learn new tricks then it is the duty of all of the uninformed masses who voted for him to help him help himself; even if he is so confused by the complexities of that demon city DC that he doesn’t realize he needs help. When those who care for us fall down Americans join together to help them up even if they want to continue to play in the mud.

The information challenged people who voted Obama in will understand how the man who didn’t know he was spying on the press just didn’t know that Obamacare would result in 16,000 new IRS employees and massive increases in the cost of health care.  If the ever caring Obama is just too flustered to keep up with all of that silly political stuff going on in Washington who can blame him?  But to help him we must join together to right the wrongs that were foisted on America by the back room political dealings of those politicians for life in the Congress.

Similarly the Obama loving voters will understand that Obama’s massive across the board tax increases that impact everyone weren’t what Obama really wanted. After all Obama, the caring one may his name be always honored, said time and again that he would never raise taxes on whatever audience he happened to be speaking to.

Working together all of those who helped Obama win the election can now help him win the presidency by correcting the horrible and “inexcusable” errors that have corrupted Obama’s caring vision.

In fact those who would try and preserve the tainted and twisted implementation of Obama’s pure vision—Reid, Pelosi, Biden—are revealing themselves as mere opportunists who clung to Obama’s coat tails but who were really stabbing him in the back for their own personal gain.

Once the Americans who think the national debt is a grunge rock band out of Portland realize that their man is being used by the demon politicians they will be more than glad to rally to Obama the Demosthenes of modern speech's positions and against the Obama the Clueless's implementations.

Reagan said “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit.”.

Let us therefore join arms in solidarity with our brothers who think the President’s personal stash pays for their free cell phones and march joyfully and in brotherhood into the future correcting the misinterpretations that plague Obama’s poorly implemented but masterfully conceived vision for a freer, wealthier, bipartisan, and God loving America!

For those of more brutish demeanor who are offended by the thought of Obama getting credit for things he opposes with a truly fiery passion take heart; when in due course Obama goes to his reward he will look down while strumming his harp and gnash his teeth as he is proclaimed the second Reagan; and shame on you who predict that Obama might end up elsewhere for we must all pray for the salvation of our enemies especially now that we know that Obama isn’t evil only clueless.

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