Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Incompetence is to be expected but lies reveal a lot

That no one in the Administration thought that an American in Libya, where terrorists were common in the aftermath of the overthrow of Kaddaffi, would be in danger on 9/11 is a sign of the huge disconnect between the Obama administration and the rest of the world.

Obama honestly believes that he is so wonderful that Islamic terrorists will love the US because he's president. But Obama isn't alone.  Liberals like Hillary Clinton oppose US military spending not only because they want to use that money to buy votes but also because they honestly believe that all of the worlds problems are due to the US and once the US is run by liberals everyone will love us.

Those insane attitudes--and I kiddingly mean insane in the clinical sense because liberals are living in a fantasy world disjoint from reality--are not evil; no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Those attitudes are a good reason to ensure that liberals never have any say in matters related to foreign policy because the one thing the government can't afford to be incompetent on are existential threats to the US.

However the deliberate lies and coverups that followed 9/11 in Benghazi show that Obama and his administration are not merely incompetent but in fact deeply evil.  They railroaded an American by scapegoating him for a demonstration that never occurred. It was clear from the beginning, based on unclassified sources on the Internet, that the attack was planned.  I assumed that in the confusion of the situation a terrorist attack had used a demonstration as cover. But now we know that the Administration knew that there was no demonstration at all.  The administration, lead by Hillary Clinton, lied to the American people and deliberately lied about an American video maker in order to avoid responsibility.

Incompetence can be forgiven but deliberately accusing an innocent man and lying to the people in order to maintain political power is something that should not be tolerated.

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