Friday, May 10, 2013

Obama; Not your fathers President

We now know that the Administration deliberately lied about what happened at Benghazi because it would make the White House and the State Department look bad.  That Americans died due to incompetence and Obama's hubris is bad but that his administration deliberately lied and tried to blame a movie maker is unconscionable.

We also know that the IRS deliberately targeted conservative political groups to keep them from getting tax exempt status before the election--and if you don't think in the Obama high tax environment that being able to take tax exempt contributions is a big deal you don't live in the Obama Economy.

Nixon was hounded out of office for covering up an inconsequential break in at a Democrat campaign office. Yet the media seems to be cool with Obama's IRS targeting Obama's political opponents. Shades of Nixon's enemies list that never resulted in any government action. But unlike Nixon's list which was not fed to the IRS or any other government agency the folks Obama says are bad get the full power of the government bureaucracy dumped on them.

Obama is the first president to say he wished he could run America the way a dictator--the ruler of China--runs a country.  I guess Obama's experimenting with how he can get his wish.

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