Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The lust for power

To be a modern liberal is to leave any pretension of honor behind.  No action by a Republican is good and no action by a liberal is evil.

To liberals the end, which is always more power for liberals,justifies any means.  If Nixon misused the IRS it was an impeachable offense but if Obama does it it's a mistake by underlings.  If Bush lied about Iraqi it's an impeachable offense but if Obama lied about Benghazi it's no big deal.  If Nixon lied about Watergate it's the epitome of evil but if Clinton lied to a Grand Jury in order to avoid being prosecuted for sexual harassment it's nothing to be concerned about.

To a liberal all that matters is that liberals get to run the show and force everyone else to conform to the liberal faith on every issue.  Liberals have no tolerance for any view other than their own and the only diversity they honor is lock step liberalism. That's why liberals like Harry Reid are saying that what the IRS did isn't that bad since those nasty conservative organizations are evil.

Because liberals constantly lie and the media lets them get away with it most people who vote for liberals are doing so without knowing what the candidate they voted for really stands for.

In the end modern liberalism is the antithesis of what America stands for because the American dream is to maximize the freedom of each citizen while liberalism is about forcing everyone to do what liberals want by using the coercive power of the government.

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