Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Haters at work

It's amazing how many liberals have declared that the recent tragic tornado's in OK are God castigating those conservatives.

First what sort of monster uses something like the horror in OK to push their political agenda? Oh wait the Dems did that with Hurricane Katrina too, even though it was the Dem governor who refused to release the buses to evacuate people.

But wait if the tornado in OK was God castigating conservatives what were hurricanes Sandy and Katrina?  They both hit liberal states. 

Could you imagine the reaction if some conservative had said that Hurricane Sandy was God's way of punishing liberals? Wait you don't.  When some religious fundamentalist blamed Katrina on the moral degeneracy of America the liberal media pilloried them mercilessly.

But liberals always hold themselves to lesser standards.  Liberals hate those who stand in the way of paradise; which to liberals is a world where liberals run everything and conservatives do all the work.

Liberals; a modern name for would be plantation owners.

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