Thursday, February 7, 2013

What are the limits on government power?

Recently the county I live in decided that people have to pay for paper bags at stores and that plastic bags can't be used.

I tried to find out who had created this new law only to discover it wasn't really a law since it wasn't passed by any elected officials.  Instead a bunch of county bureaucrats who were appointed to a board made the decision.  It was nearly impossible to find out who appointed them.

So unelected paper pushers determined what bags grocery stores could use. They of course ignored studies that show that using recyclable bags can be worse, due to bacteria on the bags, in both cost and environmental impact than disposable plastic bags.  In addition they require the stores to charge for the paper bags the stores used to give out for free.

Is this really what most Americans think of as something that unelected government employees can force Americans to do?

What can't the government force us to do?

It's a small thing but that's the point. If the government can control even the smallest parts of our lives why should we  doubt that they can control the most important things as well?

But if the government can control everything it will be impossible to find candidates who agree with even a plurality of Americans and that being the case it will be impossible for voters to vote for candidates who actually represent them in any meaningful way.

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John B said...

I don't think this is too big of a leap... anymore. Drawing this conclusion and asking the question: What won't the government try to do? used to be seen as pointless questions.

Over the last few years, through legislative actions such as this, the size of soft drinks, salt on restaurant tables, etc. it is leaving little doubt that the government is feeling more and more free to live the lives of its citizens for them.

As people get more used to the government encroaching on their lives and liberties, the increased control becomes unnoticed, until we wake up and ask: what the hell happened?

I just can't believe a people who had grown up with incredible liberties a generation ago (who didn't have an intrusive government)would so readily give them away. Sad.