Monday, February 18, 2013

Liberals, not DNA, define your race

First we were told that George Zimmerman was a "white" Hispanic, not really a full fledged Hispanic by libeals.  Of course if George had been complaining about job discrimination instead of being guilty of shooting a black teenager in self defense the media would have gladly declared George to be Hispanic.

While this might be the first time the media has shown that in the minds of liberals it is a persons ideology that defines their race in the case of Hispanics it is one in a long series of cases which show that white liberals believe they have the right to define who is authentically a "minority".

When Clarence Thomas was nominated for the Supreme Court liberal's attacked him with a viciousness that would never have been tolerated if done by conservatives.  While liberal blacks label conservative blacks as Oreos, black on the outside white on the inside, it is liberal blacks who willingly conform to the demands of their white liberal "masters".

Jesse Jackson was strongly pro-life because his mother almost aborted him. He said that if abortion would have been legal he might never have been born. Yet in order to run for the Democrat Presidential nomination Jesse had to become pro-abortion in order to avoid rejection by the white liberals who run the Democrat party. 

Blacks in general favor school choice and oppose gay "marriage" yet Black politicians, beholden to the white liberals that run the Democrat party oppose school choice and support gay "marriage".

To be authentically Black in the eyes of the media African Americans have to bow to the gods of the white liberal establishment. Blacks who think independently are attacked and dehumanized by the liberal lynch mobs.

Conservatives on the other hand oppose discrimination while believing that Blacks and Hispanics--like everyone else--can have a diversity of opinions.  Conservatives don't believe that one's stand on abortion, school choice, or gay "marriage" determines a persons race.

In many peoples minds conservatives don't like Blacks but the reality is just the opposite. Liberals like Blacks only so long as those Blacks are in lock step with liberal policies.  On the other hand conservatives stand up for Blacks and their civil rights irrespective of the political opinions Blacks hold.

Which is racist; disagreeing with liberal policies like welfare or declaring that Blacks who don't agree with liberal positions aren't really Black?

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