Thursday, February 14, 2013

LIberals label us all losers

Have you ever noticed how liberals think everyone needs to be helped by liberals in order to succeed? 

Instead of teaching the poor to fish liberals insist on making sure that the poor can live, thanks to government largess, but never thrive, survive but never excel, and most of all never be able to know that they're valuable as people.

In their hearts liberals think the poor, especially minorities, can never actually take care of themselves.

When conservatives look at the poor they see people who have either made poor choices or who need a chance to succeed, when liberals look at the poor they see failures who have to be taken care of.

In the business world liberals believe that they must decide which businesses succeed and which fail. That's because liberals don't think the people who have built their business through a lifetime, or often more than one lifetime, of sweat equity can really make an honest dollar.  In the minds of liberals businesses only succeed by ripping off their customers or fouling the environment.

People who are faithful to their spouses and who make the economic sacrifices necessary to raise children are also losers who are missing the "good" things life.  According to liberals those folks need to be taught not to have so many children, especially if they're minorities,  because liberals know that the problem in the world is too many people, not too little love.

That's why liberals are always telling everyone else how to raise children and declaring that the schools, run by liberals, know how to raise children not the parents who stayed up all night when those kids were little.

In the liberal mind liberals care more for children than the parents who've invested untold time and wealth and who would die for their kids do.

In short in the liberal world unless you are a liberal you're a stupid loser who needs liberal guidance to navigate through the rough waters of life.

The problem is that liberals are only really good at one thing; gaining political power which they use to force their "guidance" on the people who are already succeeding in life.

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