Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The bigots are out

Pope Benedict XVI had the humility to decide that he wasn't physically capable of doing the job of leading over a billion Catholics. Rather than clinging to power Benedict did what was best for the Church.

But the bigots are out attacking him.  I bet we won't see them working an incredibly strenuous job when they're 85 years old but that hasn't stopped them from attacking a man who's given his whole life to serving others.

They're pulling out the usual lies about sex abuse in the Church.

First < 1% of priests had sex with minors, the vast majority of the victims were teenagers, while too many that's significantly lower than the rate of such behavior among married men and on par with the rate for Protestant ministers. Additionally the rate has gone down dramatically; the vast majority of "new" cases are citing crimes that supposedly occurred 30-50 years ago.  I say supposedly because in many cases the supposed criminal is dead and unable to defend themselves. Additionally in a number of cases, including a very public one involving Cardinal Bernadin, the accusers has admitted to making the whole thing up.

But even if the lies told about the Church were true to attack Benedict is nuts given that it was he who toughened up the Church's response to these evil actions. 

Benedict referred to these priests actions as "filth".  It was Benedict who added Internet offenses a violation of canon law.  He also extended the definition of child abuse to all children under 18 years of age and he eliminated the statue of limitation while speeding up the process of throwing out priests who did these heinous things.

What's really amazing is that many of those who are attacking Benedict have done little or nothing to help anyone, liberals give less to charity than conservative religious people, and they are great supporters of homosexuality. The latter is significant in that the majority of priests who did these horrible things were gay; more than 80% of the victims of priests were teenage boys.  It's also interesting to note that those who are attacking the Pope were silent for the long years when the SF Gay pride parade included a group that advocated sex with 3 year old boys. They're also silent about the fact that unlike the Church which has dramatically cleaned up its act the public schools are still shuffling teachers who've been accused of sexual abuse around and covering up their crimes.

What some priests and Bishops did was bad but to condemn the Church for actions by Catholics which violate the moral teachings of the Church would be like blaming the Constitution for Obama's violations of the law.

These people attack the Church for two reasons; the Church shows that men have inalienable rights so that the government cannot be all powerful and because the Church declares the hedonistic lifestyle of liberals to be wrong.

Evil men always attack the Church because the light of the Church reveals their flaws.

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