Thursday, February 28, 2013

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Sequester

I was concerned that the sequester would result in meat cleaver cuts to defense.  But now I'm of the opinion that the only way we'll get DC to cut any spending is through draconian measures.

Let's face it the system is rigged to keep the power junkies in DC constantly high on the drug of choice; power.  Every dollar DC pulls out of hard working Americans pockets is a dollar that politicians get to spend to buy their next term in office or to enforce their own personal beliefs on the rest of America.

Money is power and DC is designed to extract money from everyone so as to empower DC.  They tax us so we can't afford to send our kids to college then they take some of our money, keeping a big cut as commission, and give it back to us as low interest loans. Seems stupid but when you realize that any college that takes students who use government aid is subject to having its curriculum controlled by the DC mob it becomes clear that politicians win two ways; they get our money and they get more control over our lives.

So long as people aren't rioting in the streets, a situation that even with the Obama economy and the totally out of control Obama spending is a few years off, politicians are incentivized to steal from Paul to pay themselves.

You may have heard of a new, actually recycled, liberal plan to seize your 401(k) plan and give you in return a guaranteed pension.  Essentially the liberals are saying if you give me all your money now I'll promise you a pension later. The reality of course is that the liberals will spend your money and when the time comes to pay you your pension they'll either try and pay for it by raising taxes on your children and grand children or they'll say sorry. We know this because this is what was done with social security--while they haven't told us sorry yet the simple fact is that without reform social security will be going bankrupt in the not too distant future.

The bottom line is that there is nothing holding back politicians from spending given that so many people don't pay taxes.  Until the system collapses those takers are now numerous enough that liberals don't have to swing many other voters in order to get reelected.

In all fairness to those takers they probably don't realize what they're doing. The mass media tells them that they're just getting what they're due and doesn't discuss the long term consequences of massive income redistribution.

What we should be concentrating on now is forcing the government to make the cuts in a way that benefits the taxpayers not the government.  Where I live when we refused to pass a bond measure for the libraries the libraries drastically cut library hours but not the library staff. Essentially the local government kept paying it's employees but didn't make them work as much.  Expect to see that when the sequestration kicks in. 

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