Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Israel and moral compasses

Israel has done a lot of bad things, like trying to get Christians to leave Jerusalem;albeit in a non-violent way. 

But they haven't directly targeted innocent civilians nor have they advocated genocide.

That's why even though I don't support everything Israel does I have to acknowledge that even in their bad actions they are far more considerate of others than any Arab state. 

That's why I find Obama's policy towards Israel so bothersome even though I don't support the way the state of Israel was founded--I think if the allied powers were feeling guilty about the Holocaust they should have forced Germany to buy Israel from the Palestinians--; it's not right for us to abandon Israel to neighbors who openly deny the Holocaust and call for the mass murder of Jews.

Take the worst case scenario, one I don't agree with, and say the Israeli's stole Israel from the Palestinians.  Since when do we advocate executing thieves?

From  a purely selfish perspective we know that Israel will treat Christians better than any Palestinian government would based on the oppression of Christians in all Muslim countries that lack a strong secular ruler.  Additionally Israel will not serve as a training ground for terrorists who target the US; spies yes terrorists no.

From an idealistic perspective in the 1990's Israel began making huge steps towards a fair solution for the Palestinians. Steps that I'm not sure the US would have made if we were under the same sort of military threat as Israel was.  Now given how Israel was founded I believe those steps were morally required, just as the US has an obligation to native Americans even though those native Americans waged war against the US.

If the Palestinians would have been willing to put aside their genocidal hatred of Jews, which in fact contradicts at least one part of the Koran, by now we'd probably have a world with a thriving Palestinian state living next to Israel.

But because the motivating force was not a desire for a better life for Palestinians but rather a desire to punish Israeli's the Palestinians are living in poverty without a true state of their own.

Given the olive branch the Israeli's extended the only one to blame for the state of Palestinians today are the Palestinians themselves.

Which is why Obama's policy which tilts towards the militantly aggressive Muslims who surround Israel and who will continue to be enemies of the US even if the US stood by and let Israel be exterminated makes no sense from the perspective of what's good for the US.

The US should be working to get the Palestinians to be rational and ensure that any eventual solution is fair to both Israel and the Palestinians.  Instead the US seems to be siding with the Palestinians even as the Palestinians, at least in Arab language media, call for the destruction of Israel.

This is another example of Obama siding with Islam and Third World groups against the traditional interests of America and the West.  Obama is not a Muslim but he does appear to share his fathers belief that America is the evil imperialist country and we owe those in the Third World who we've supposedly oppressed or offended.

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