Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The gay delusion

People who suffer from same sex attraction are loved by God just as much as anyone else.  Those who suffer from same sex attraction but remain chaste probably get a special place in Heaven due to their heroic actions. But because we must love gays we must tell the truth about the gay lifestyle and its consequences.

If you listen to the mass media noise machine you would think that gays are as common as Blacks. The reality is that roughly 1-2% of people are gay.  Unlike what you see on TV there are very few gays in the world, well at least outside of prisons that is.

You'd also think that being gay is just like being heterosexual. But that too is a lie.  Gays are massively promiscuous, with hundreds of sexual partners, and hardly ever happy; they got the moniker gay as a bit of sarcasm. "Married" gays in the Netherlands don't stay married long nor do they stay faithful to their "spouses".  Most gays don't want to get married because very few gays form long term even remotely monogamous relationships; the gay lifestyle is about anonymous and love free sex.

Gays die younger than smokers; they live decades less than heterosexuals.  If you condemn smoking because it hurts smokers you have to condemn the gay lifestyle for what it does to gays.  Aside from AIDS gays are a huge pool of a plethora of STDs.  To be gay is to be physically sick.

Gays don't have any problem with wife beating, er sadomasochism, and a group that advocated sex with 3 year old boys was welcomed for years in the SF Gay Pride parade. They were kicked out when heterosexuals raised a stink.  Back in 1981 there was a big stink because a health official in SF was teaching a course on how to beat your partner safely. Today he'd probably get a medal.

Gays, like massively promiscuous heterosexuals, tend to be attracted to young kids in their teens. The whole Catholic Priest child abuse crisis is basically gay Priests going after teenage boys--hardly any of the victims of priests are either female or prepubescent.  Not all gays molest children but a disproportionally large fraction is not adverse to or condemning of sex with teens.  In CA a gay man had sadomasochistic sex with a 16 year old boy.  When on trial there was a huge campaign to get him off because the boy was almost 17 years old.  Can you imagine if some heterosexual had sex with a 16 year old girl and beat her up and anyone said that it was ok because the girl was almost 17?

Gays aren't born that way.  Can you imagine a gene that is less likely to survive than one that ensures you don't have any kids?  There is no scientific evidence for being gay being genetic.  The simple reality is that while most gays don't just wake up one morning and decide to be gay being gay is due to environmental factors.  The best indicator of a risk of becoming gay is the lack of a strong father figure; it makes sense gays are men looking for the love their father didn't give them by having sex with other men.  Gays who want to be cured have a good chance of changing their inclinations and being able to live a normal life.

What's really interesting is that it's religion that shows that gays are something other than failures.  From an atheistic perspective all that matters is sending your genes to the future so by the atheistic standards gays are defective losers. Christianity however teaches that all of us are valuable because all of us are loved by God.  But because we love gays we have to point out the reality of the gay lifestyle; if you love a smoker you don't tell him that smoking is a great thing.

The truth is this the gay lifestyle is really horrible.  That doesn't mean gays are horrible but it does mean we shouldn't endorse their bad life choices; not out of hatred but out of love.

We won't be able to prevent the suffering of gays that will result from endorsing their sad and extraordinarily unhealthy lifestyle if we refuse to describe the true nature of homosexuality. The promiscuous love free sex, the diseases, the fixation on beauty--once you lose your looks you're in deep trouble in the gay world were superficiality dominates.

People tend to be cool with gay marriage because they've bought into the lies of the media; that gays are common and that gays are just like heterosexuals. Neither of those things are true. The reality is that the gay lifestyle is short and fixated on hedonism.  Out of love we have to condemn that lifestyle and do our best to help gays get on track to true happiness.

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Good read. Thanks for taking a stand on the issue where politicians fold like cheap suits.