Thursday, April 18, 2013

Taking off the gloves

President Obama declared that people who oppose his attempts to disarm honest law abiding Americans "lied" to the American people.

Perhaps it's about time for conservatives to call President Obama out for his unending stream of lies. Perhaps it's time for Republicans to learn to stop being civil since it doesn't seem to win them elections.

Civility is fine when your opponent is honest and your differences are based on honest disagreements.  Today however many liberal politicians, starting with Obama, are neither honest about what they really want for the country, usually running as conservatives and then governing as liberals, nor really supportive of improving America so much as remaking America in the image of the failed socialist states of Europe.

If conservatives act as though liberals are all just nice people then it's easier for liberals to hide the true nature of the evil policies they support. We know that a big factor of why Obama won was that people viewed him as likeable.  Maybe if conservatives had pointed out why Obama is not in fact likeable, such as his support of infanticide or his lying to the public on what he'd do in his first term, Romney might have won.

Maybe if Romney had called Obama a liar to his face in the debates and then explained why we might not have to be fighting to protect our First and Second Amendment rights today.

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