Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gun control and liberals love of crooks

It's interesting that the same liberals who advocate for gun control advocate for laws that make it hard to convict people who use guns in crimes. Liberals also are all for minimizing the punishment meted out to those who use guns in crimes.

Liberals advocate letting criminals, including those you used guns in their crimes, out of jail early if the living conditions in prison are not good enough.  Yet when those criminals commit more gun crimes liberals blame guns not the criminals.

If liberals were really interested in protecting the children they'd be for making it easier to convict people who use guns illegally and for increased sentencing for illegal gun use.  Yet liberals support neither of these approaches.

The reality is that liberals want to make it hard for law abiding citizens to have guns so that people will be more dependent on the government. If you can't defend yourself you'll be much more likely to vote to raise taxes to pay for more police for example.

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Otis said...

Why not use the correct term?
Actual Liberals were people such as James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason et-al.
These people are Progressive Collectivists.
Collectivism encompasses all of the Isms – Socialism, Communism, Communitarianism, Fourierism et-al. These isms are cynical Utopian euphemisms for Mob Rule a.k.a. Tyranny a.k.a. pure Democracy. That is why the word “Nation” is the polar opposite of the word “Union”.