Saturday, April 6, 2013

Infanticide incoming!

In Florida a Planned Parenthood representative told legislators that a baby born alive after a botched abortion could be killed by her mother and her mothers doctor.

We've been told that abortion is ok because a woman's unborn daughter is dependent on the woman. But now we see that the reality is that the even when a girl is born her mother can still kill her so long as the mother made it clear before her daughter was born that she wanted to kill her daughter.

It's like Nazi Germany; kill enough and it becomes no big deal.  Once people get used to killing their children before birth they become desensitized to the thought of killing even their own daughters once they're born.  After all if it's ok for a woman to take a contract out on her daughter right up to the moment of birth why can't she let the hitman try again right after her daughter is born?

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