Friday, April 12, 2013

Better living through mass murder

"Dr." Gosnell is on trial for not only providing horrible medical care to women who wanted to kill their daughters but for killing on the order of a hundred babies who survived his abortion attempts.

He will easily become America's greatest serial killer and the only one paid by parents to kill their children.

If pro-choice reporters actually cared about women they'd be up in arms trying to figure out how women could be provided such poor care. Yet there is only silence. Perhaps because those who are "pro-choice" are really only in favor of killing the unborn.  While the average American only supports abortion in the hard cases and early in pregnancy the abortion fanatics are so comfortable with killing the unborn they defend China's one baby policy where women are forced to abort their unborn children.

Abortion is a choice in the same way being killed by a mugger is a choice.  In both cases the person who stands to benefit from the killing is the one who gets to make the choice.

Women are often pressured into abortions and we need to be there to help them but we can't stop saying what abortion really is; a killing of convenience in 98%+ of cases.

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