Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shocker! It was fanatical muslims! Who'da thought?

Now that we know that the Boston bombing was the result of radical Islam we can all sleep soundly since the same liberals who told us that Boston was the work of conservatives have told us that Muslims are not bad.

The first words out of Obama's mouth were essentially don't judge.  But why shouldn't we judge?  Right now the most likely source of terrorist violence in America are not the pro-life groups, Catholics, and Evangelicals labeled as violent by the Southern Poverty Law Center but Muslims; you know the folks who think women are property.  The same left wing wackos who have no problem judging Catholics and Evangelicals because those religious people believe in the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule are telling us we can't judge Muslims for repeated acts of mass murder.

Back in the 1960's in England it was the Irish.  Today pretty much anywhere in the world it's Muslims.  In 30 years it may be the French but for now it's the Muslims and that's what we have to deal with if we want to avoid more senseless slaughter of innocents.

While the vast majority of Muslims wouldn't bomb anyone today in the real world we live in enough Muslims are willing to kill people just because those people don't believe in the made up religion of Mohammad--which gave him wealth, power, and multiple wives--that a sane person knows that if there's the mindless killing of innocents it's probably the work of Muslims.

Additionally unlike most other groups that use violence Muslims are keen to target the innocent. Timothy McVeigh--the liberal boogie man--targeted a Federal building.  Sure because he's a monster he was willing to label the children killed in the day care center as acceptable collateral damage but at least he was targeting a government building.  With the exception of the "workplace" violence perpetrated by the Muslim psychiatrist down in Ft Hood and the attacks on American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan most Muslim terror is directed against civilians; even other Muslim civilians.

That's why I was pretty sure that the Boston bombing wasn't some anti-government wacko; they'd have targeted something related to the government not a free grouping of innocent men, women, and children.

We need to wake up and profile the most likely terrorists; Muslims. While most Muslims aren't terrorists nearly all terrorists are Muslim.  We can't ignore everyone else, in today's West too many non-Arabs are falling for what Mohammads minions are pitching, but we need to concentrate resources where they will do the most good.

Of course if the terrorists were Catholics who were protesting the mass slaughter of the unborn in American you can bet the same people who are saying we can't be hating on radical Islam would be first in line to demand that the Catholic Church be shut down and Catholics forced into ghettos.

We can't be like liberals though.  While we need to recognize that radical Islam is the problem and radicalized Muslims are the perpetrators we also need to show compassion and love for the vast majority of Muslims who are not actively violent.

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