Friday, November 6, 2015

Why there are no transgendered

The simple, obvious, scientific truth is that there is no such thing as being transgendered. If you doubt that ask yourself this simple question.  If a high school boy claimed to be Napoleon instead of a girl would any sane person think the loving response would be to bow to him?

A boy who thinks he’s a girl is no different than a white woman who thinks she’s black. Both are insulting, probably unintentionally in the case of the child, those who they claim to be but aren’t.  It’s hard to imagine what someone like Ben Carson or Justice Thomas who worked their way up from poverty think about some white girl raised in “privilege” who claims to be Black. Given their nature they probably forgive her but that doesn’t change the fact that the woman’s claim is an affront to Black Americans.

Allowing a boy to claim that he’s a girl just based on his feelings is an assault on the very nature of what it means to be a woman.  It’s saying that a boy can be a girl just by saying so.  Of course that boy is just play acting. He can never be a mother.  He can never nurse a baby.  He doesn’t have a womb.  It doesn’t matter how much surgery he has he will never ever change his DNA.  One doesn’t become a vampire through dental work and a boy does not become a girl through self-mutilation anymore than a woman becomes a man if she has her breasts removed due to cancer.

The magnitude of the insanity surrounding the transgendered craze is shown by how eager liberals are to reject truly settled science.  We’ve known for a very long time that one’s sex is determined by DNA, not personal opinion.  Yet the same liberals who condemn anyone who doesn’t believe in the experimentally unverified theory of global warming…er climate change as fools who should be jailed have no problem rejecting the very well verified theory that our sex is defined by our DNA.

The “transgendered” craze is just the latest example of liberal’s god complex. Liberals believe that men and woman are infinitely malleable clay in the hands of the inspired liberal “intelligentsia”.  While liberals reject that God made them man and woman they believe that they can transform people into whatever liberals think people should be.

In the Soviet Union liberals believed they could change the nature of man and produce a new “Soviet” man who would gladly work for the benefit of others and be bereft of any desire to personally benefit from the fruits of his own labor.

Similarly liberals believe that they can run the economy and the lives of all Americans better than anyone.  Liberals without children have no problem telling parents how they should raise their children and liberals who’ve never run a business feel perfectly capable of telling businessmen what they’re doing “wrong”.

Like the mad Greek gods liberals lack any concern for those whose lives they ruin.  Liberals appear to be totally unconcerned about the impact on a 13 year old girl of having to shower with a boy.  But then liberals also have no problem with Roman Polanski raping a 13 year old so perhaps this is not example of liberal hubris but rather an example of how liberals lack any concern for real women.

Liberals use the “transgendered” just as they use gays; as battering rams to destroy Christian morality.  Liberals don’t care that the gay lifestyle leads to early death and horrible diseases, AIDS etc, nor are they bothered by the fact that the massively promiscuous gay lifestyle treats gays as sex objects to be used not as people to be loved. All that matters to liberals is that by pushing gay “marriage” they can weaken or destroy the historical concept of marriage as the source of children.

Similarly liberals don’t care that by pretending that people can arbitrarily define their own gender they’re hurting people who are truly suffering. While there is no such thing as a woman trapped in a man’s body there are people who, for whatever reason, think they are not what they should be.

If we love those people we know that we need to help them realize how wonderful they are as they are not agree with them that they are failures as they are and that they must change to fix their “problem”.   Conservatives see people with gender identity confusion as people who need our help not as tools to use to further our political agenda.

The political motivations of liberals are obvious because of their total lack of concern about the beliefs and feelings of others.  If liberals were truly caring they wouldn’t be forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to cooperate in providing abortion causing drugs, they wouldn’t force Christian bakers to provide cakes for gay “weddings”, they wouldn’t demand that 13 year old girls shower with boys, and they wouldn’t push for more immigrants when Black unemployment is nearly twice that of white unemployment.

But a key characteristic of the liberal God complex is that they rarely, if ever, seek compromise. After all if you’re god everything you claim is true and it would be wrong to water down that truth merely to avoid bothering others.

If you think about it liberals never accept compromise. To liberals it’s essential to crush anyone who doesn’t agree with them. That’s why liberals aren’t bothered if their all gay all the time policies destroy people’s businesses. It’s why a liberal can say that yes raising the minimum wage will eliminate jobs but those jobs weren’t worth keeping without ever considering that the people who held those jobs might disagree.

Conservatives are always seeking compromise. Few conservatives, for example, object to providing separate showering facilities for the “transgendered”.

It’s time for Americans to stop feeling guilty about not supporting liberal fiats.  The MSM and the rest of the liberal establishment try to use American’s caring nature to make us feel guilty for using common sense.  American’s hesitate to speak out against liberal oppression, such as forcing young girls to shower with boys, because we’re told that in doing so we’re really hating on the “transgendered”.

But in the case of the “transgendered”, as with all liberal policies that go against science and common sense, the reality is that it’s the liberal position that is based on hate, or at least a lack of concern.

Given that there is no way to turn a biological boy into a biological girl which is more caring helping a boy who thinks he’s a girl realize that he’s a great boy or telling him he’s a failure unless he mutilates himself?

Once one strips away the liberal lies the reality is that to properly live the love and compassion that comes so naturally to most Americans one should not follow unscientific and disproven liberal dogma but rather help people suffering from delusions about what they are become comfortable with reality.

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Dr.D said...

This is a rather good post in most respects. I was right with you until you said, "It’s hard to imagine what someone like Ben Carson or Justice Thomas who worked their way up from poverty think about some white girl raised in “privilege” who claims to be Black."

It seems that you have bought into the "white privilege" foolishness; other wise, your comparison would be simply to "some person raised in wealth." That's too bad, and in my opinion, it seriously degrades an otherwise fine post.

The trans nonsense is largely self-induced. Everyone knows whether they are a boy or a girl. If in doubt, there is a very simply fool-proof test: Look in your underwear! There can be no mistake about what you see.

The rest is wishful thinking. I may wish that I was the King of Siam, but all my wishing does not make me the King of Siam. It would be utter nonsense for everyone to start treating me as the King of Siam, no matter how madly I might proclaim it.

trinko said...

the white privelage comment was supposed to be satire on liberals own belief in white privelege. i don't belirve in white privelage

Phelps said...

It's all about gaslighting. They want to force you to repeat the lie that a boy is a girl and a girl is a boy.

It's body dysmorphia. Indulging these people feeds their mental illness. It's as destructive as taking an anorexic and instead of treating her illness, holding her up as an example to other girls.

Brad Nelson said...

Really terrific piece, Tom. Let me know if I can share this with my readers at

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