Monday, November 16, 2015

Liberal insanity; right wingers a greater terrorist threat than radical Islam.

It's clear that liberals hate conservatives and democracy far more than they dislike Islam.

On FB liberals are claiming that the real terrorist threat is right wing organizations not Islam. They do so by ignoring 9/11 and misclassifying some terrorist attacks as work place violence. They also think the unibomber wasn't a liberal and that the terrorism the left used during the Vietnam war doesn't count.

If one looks at all the conflicts around the world the nearly universal common denominator is that one side is Muslim.

While many Muslims are good people Islam was created by Mohammad to get worldly power, wealth, and the ability to marry a 6 year old girl.  Hence it's strong on persecuting and waging war on non-Muslims.

Thankfully many Muslims reject the really bad parts of Islam but even those Muslims don't seem to understand that Islam is a political system that discriminates against women and wishes to oppress people of any other faith.

Strangely liberals attack Christians for opposing gay marriage but are silent about Muslims throwing gays off of buildings.

The real question is are liberals scared of Islam or do they view it as a tool to crush Christianity?


Kyrathyel said...

It is all about power. Liberals want to force everyone to think what the liberals want them to think, do what liberals want them to do, be what the liberals want them to be. Not that they will do or be what they demand of others. None of the elite live what they demand we live. They only want us as slaves to do their biding, while they live in luxury. They are for women's rights, unless she wants to be a Mother full time. Or is a muslim and does not want to be beaten, mutilated, for showing her hair to the world. They want equality of outcome, without equality of effort. They know nothing of reality. Gender is decided by DNA not some mental illness. If anyone borrows money to get a degree in something that will not ever pay back the loan, they have the intellect of protozoa.

Anonymous said...

The Bible tells us about the depth of their delusion and hatred; it says they will kill Christians and think they are doing a good thing.