Thursday, November 5, 2015

Time magazine proves that liberals hate Democracy

At the store the other day I spotted what I presume is a special issue of Time magazine.

The cover said something like "Supreme Court decisions that changed America"

In a Democracy the role of the courts is to ensure that the laws passed by the Congress are followed. Hence in a Democracy, or more accurately a Representative Republic, the Courts can't change America because all they're supposed to do is make sure that the rules defined by the people's representatives are followed.

Hence under the Constitution all the court should be able to do is ensure that the changes passed by Congress are followed.

But of course the reality is that liberals hate the idea of the people having a say in their government and they hate the whole idea of Democracy.

That's why liberals rejoice in an autocratic court changing America over the protests and votes of the people.

That's why Obama wishes he could rule like the Chinese dictators and why people like Tom Friedman say that a dictatorships ability to impose it's views comes in handy.

Liberals hate Democracy and they hate those of us who disagree with their bizarre beliefs--boys should be allowed to shower with girls and women should be able to kill their viable pre-born daughters.

Modern liberals are really fascists who disdain the Constitution and lust for power.


Kyrathyel said...

Woodrow Wilson blew holes in the Constitution. Franklin Roosevelt nibbled away at the edges. Lyndon Johnson took it in his hands and wadded it up. Supreme Court Justices found "penumbras" to allow these and greater things. And the schools taught us that the Government was good. Under Obama, the Constitution is all but gone and the schools, churches, and media, teach us that the Government is God. And all too many Americans cry out "Amen!". Sense is no-longer common. Except for a few islands in the sea of insanity. You are one of them. Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

One man, one vote.

Once! That is what they like

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