Saturday, November 28, 2015

Does Colorado show we should hate Transgendered?

So far no one knows what exactly happened in Colorado or more importantly why it happened.

All we know is that a politically unaffiliated bearded individual who identifies as a woman on their voters registration and who therefore might be transgendered went on a shooting spree in which a cop , but apparently no Planned Parenthood employee's, was killed.

First no good person should be enthused about a random person going in and killing people, especially police officers no matter what their motive.

Second Christian's aren't Muslims; Jesus never said we could go around and kill even horrible sinners like abortionists so no matter what the evil or insane shooter says it won't justify his actions.

Third the media and PP are being rather quick to attack pro-lifers even though they don't know what caused the attack.  It's odd that they're not attacking transgendered people however.

Fourth the Unabomber, who killed 3 and wounded 23 others, was a big fan of Al Gore and the whole green movement.  Yet the media never said that the Unabombers violence discredited the green movement or that the few fringe greens who supported him meant that all greens were evil.  Yet we're already hearing that the Colorado attack is another reason to hate the folks who think it's wrong for mothers to kill their unborn daughters.

Back in 2012 a big fan of gay marriage went to a conservative groups headquarters and planned to kill as many of them as possible. He planned to smear Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his victims faces since the founder of Chick-fil-A opposed redefining marriage.  He was stopped by a brave security guard before he could kill anyone.

No one came out and condemned gays nor should they have.  Yet already PP and the left wing media are trying to blame the whole pro-life movement for what happened in Colorado even though we know nothing about the motives of the shooter.

But even if the shooter turns out to claim to be pro-life why would his actions reflect on the pro-life movement anymore than the actions of the man who tried to advance gay rights by killing people who disagreed reflect on gays?  If the "guy" turns out to be transgendered no one, rightly so, will condemn all transgendered people. Yet apparently tolerance ends when you reach anyone who disagree's with Obama or the white liberal Democrat elites.

The key lesson from all of this is that in spite of not knowing what happened liberals were more than eager to politicize this tragedy to further their own political goals. Something they never do when the perpetrator is a liberal.  I guarantee that if it turns out this shooter was upset because Planned Parenthood stopped selling baby parts we'll never hear about this shooting again.

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