Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Are all Democrats perverts?

Obama's regime is saying that girls have to shower with a boy who is visibly male but who says he thinks he's a girl.

I guess this means that Obama's DOJ will not enforce laws against public indecency.

What sort of pervert do you have to be to demand that any boy who simply says he thinks he's a girl gets unfettered access to the girls locker room?

It's not totally surprising given liberals support for Bill Clinton's sexual harassment, they attacked the victims, or liberals support for Roman Polanski who raped a 13 year old girl.

Apparently girls have no rights when Obama is in charge. Only boys who think they're girls have rights.


Phelps said...

All liberalism comes back to gaslighting. It's why Vox Day says, "SJWs always lie. Always." The lie is the end, not the means.

They want to force you to admit that an obvious male is a "girl" because it breaks your will and lets them convince you of anything. They aren't happy to simply lie themselves -- you have to be complicit and repeat the lie. That is how they win.

Everything they are pushing for has a giant lie at the heart of it. The lie of Climate Change is that nature is subservient to the actions of man, not man subservient to nature(Acts of God). The lie of the gender perversion is that Social Dictates override Biology. The lie of diversity is that Race isn't Genetic and that results aren't linked to actions.

It's all about forcing you to repeat an honest untruth.

Linda Fox said...

And, yet, their contention is that these "girls" aren't safe around men - I mean, people with penises.

Ya' know, those same penis-sporting people who Leftists want to put into girls' bathrooms and locker rooms.

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