Thursday, October 18, 2012

The ever changing Obama meme on Benghazi

In the debate Obama said that he had declared the attack on Benghazi to be a terrorist attack the day after the attack occurred.

Reading the transcript of his talk however it's clear that was not what he was saying.

The real point however is if he was willing to admit that Benghazi was a terrorist attack rather than just a mob gone wild why did the entire Obama administration keep talking about the anti-Muslim movie for weeks?

Why did Obama and Secretary of State Clinton appear in commercials, aired in Pakistan, condemning the movie?

Why did Ambassador Rice appear on all the Sunday talk shows on 9/14 declaring that it was all due to the movie?

Either Obama is lying about what he said on 9/12 or his Administration's foreign policy is totally uncoordinated.  Both of which are reasons to let someone else run America's foreign policy.

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