Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Liberals and the truth

An old friend of mine from high school keeps sending me these messages about this or that horrible truth about Romney or conservatives.

Every single time it turns out that not only is there no basis for his claim but it's easy to find that his claim is factually in error.

Yet he doesn't ever seem to be bothered. If I posted something that turned out to be factually wrong, not just a matter of opinion, I'd be really apologetic and upset with myself.

But he, and most other liberals, have no problem posting things that are proven to be false. They don't question future "revelations" from the same source.  They seem almost unconcerned about the truth.

They then turn around and accuse those who don't agree with them of being bigots and liars; this is exemplified by Obama the liar in chief, and I'm not referring to his musical skills, calling Romney a bullshitter--sorry for the language, it used to be you could quote a President in mixed company.

I'm beginning to think that at least the hard core vocal liberals, as opposed to most who vote for liberal candidates because they have only heard one side of the story, really don't care about truth but only about power.

It's amazing how totalitarian liberals are.  They have no problem telling us how to run the most miniscule aspects of our lives--no you can't have plastic food bags at the store; we know what's best for you--even though their lives are usually a complete mess.

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